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To maintain great health, you need an equally great primary care physician on your side. The team of internal medicine doctors at DePersia, Chernoff, & Ocasio PC in Woodbury, New Jersey, specialize in adult primary care, from checkups to maintenance of chronic illness and beyond. Make your appointment through the online booking tool now, or call the office to arrange your visit.

Primary Care

What's internal medicine?

Internal medicine is primary care for adults. The internal medicine physicians at DePersia, Chernoff, & Ocasio PC work with adults of all ages, from young adults to geriatric patients.

Because your DePersia, Chernoff, & Ocasio PC doctor is your primary care doctor, they'll oversee all of your medical care. This includes:

  • Wellness exams
  • Help with sudden issues
  • Management of chronic health issues like diabetes
  • Medication when needed
  • Help with nearly all health problems

Your doctor also provides preventive care that can help you avoid many chronic conditions. Often, if you make some lifestyle changes you can avoid developing conditions like high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

In the rare instance that your DePersia, Chernoff, & Ocasio PC doctor isn't able to help, they'll refer you to a specialist and then coordinate your care with that specialist until you're better.

What conditions do the doctors treat?

Primary care for adults includes the diagnosis and management of all of the following, and much more.

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • High cholesterol
  • Geriatrics conditions

Your DePersia, Chernoff, & Ocasio PC physician can identify potential illnesses and conditions, perform tests as needed, make accurate diagnoses, and then give you the treatment needed regardless of the condition.

How often should I see my primary care doctor?

This depends on your current state of health, your ongoing health conditions, and your particular needs. In general, most doctors recommend that patients have a wellness visit at least once a year. Some patients may need more frequent visits, though. Your doctor will design a plan that works for your needs.

During a wellness visit, your DePersia, Chernoff, & Ocasio PC physician can review your medical history and compare it your current condition. Notable negative changes may mean that you need to take action to prevent illness, or that you need to begin treatment right away before the problem grows worse.

A regularly scheduled wellness visit gives you the opportunity to spend time with your primary care doctor, the doctor who knows you best, to focus on maintaining and even improving your health.

Need a primary care doctor who truly supports their patients? You'll love the team at DePersia, Chernoff, & Ocasio PC. Book online now or call the office anytime.