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Reaching your golden years can feel great — as long as you look after your health properly. Geriatrics is one of the specialties of the internal medicine doctors at DePersia, Chernoff, & Ocasio PC in Woodbury, New Jersey, and they’re here to help you enjoy optimal health regardless of age. Book your appointment online now, or call the DePersia, Chernoff, & Ocasio PC office to schedule a visit anytime.


What is a geriatrics appointment?

A geriatrics appointment at DePersia, Chernoff, & Ocasio PC  is simply a medical visit for a patient who's at least 65 years of age. Just as with any other primary care for adults, the focus with geriatric patients is on health and wellness. During a geriatrics appointment, your doctor can diagnose and treat illness, provide preventive care, and help you with much more.

What conditions does the doctor treat?

As experienced primary care physicians for all ages, the DePersia, Chernoff, & Ocasio PC doctors can treat most conditions common to geriatric patients. Some of the problems geriatric patients may experience include:

  • Diabetes
  • Flu
  • Hypertension
  • High cholesterol

No matter what kind of health problem you're having, your primary care doctor can skillfully assess your condition and immediately create an effective plan of action.

How can I stay healthy during my geriatric years?

Staying healthy when you’re older requires several important things: the right mindset, a skilled doctor to manage your health care, and a good support system.

Geriatric patients often need to make some lifestyle adjustments to stay healthy, and it's important to remind yourself that your health and wellness are always worth the effort!

Your doctor at DePersia, Chernoff, & Ocasio PC may recommend some dietary and exercise changes. Sometimes these types of lifestyle adjustments can help you avoid taking quite so much medication, or can help you avoid growing seriously ill.

If you've got a good support system around you, it can make a big difference when you're sick or when you're trying to improve your health. If possible, ask a family member or a close friend to come along to your appointments at DePersia, Chernoff, & Ocasio PC.

Since you'll take in a lot of information at once, it wouldn’t hurt to have a second set of eyes and ears with you. Your family member or friend may be able to help you implement any medication routine or other changes that you need to make when you go home.

Looking for a compassionate, caring, and highly supportive geriatrics doctor for yourself or for a loved one? DePersia, Chernoff, & Ocasio PC is so highly rated for a reason: Patients love their skilled doctors. Call the practice now to schedule.